1. User account
  2. In order to use Croatian Lemmatization Server you have to open an user account.
    If you are new user, select Opening of new account, fill the form and you will get your password in your e-mail within approximately 24 hours.
    If you already have the user account, login with your user name and password.
    At the end of your session select logout.
    If you have forgotten your user name and/or password, you may request the new one on the e-mail address which you have put in your user account form.
    If you would like to change your password, select the respective links in the section User account.

  3. Inputting words/texts
  4. Words can be input in two ways:

    1. by typing
    2. by uploading a TXT file

    In both cases each word should be in separate line.
    Select whether you are inputting lemmas or tokens and what kind of additional data you require (only POS or also full-MSD format).
    The server will process your query after you press Send.

  5. Download of results
  6. Results in HTML format displayed on the web-page you can roll-up or roll-down by pressing - or +. You can roll-up/down all words by pressing roll-up all / roll-down all.
    Results can be also downloaded. Select the desired format (TXT or XML) by pressing buttons at the bottom of the page. Results will automatically start to download in ZIP file which you will have to unzip before further usage.

  7. Programming support
  8. Registered users can access Croatian Lemmatization Server with URL calls of scripts.
    For details, send an e-mail here.

User account
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With or you can roll-up or roll-down all results for a given lemma..
Results of a query can be downloaded in TXT or XML format.